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Lasts 7+ hours

Experience the captivating scent that lasts for over 7 hours, with lingering notes that will mesmerize your senses.

How We Like to Describe It

A light and elegant fragrance that can accompany you on a date or a vacation alike. Its name is inspired by the burst of fruity flavor in the scent and will undoubtedly offer a pleasant punch to your senses before settling down.

Crafted With Passion.

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Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

How to make perfumes last longer?

Storing them away from direct sunlight can extend the longevity of perfumes. Applying the perfume correctly on the skin can also enhance the lasting effect of the scent.

Can women use men's perfumes?/Can men use women's perfumes?

The scent of a perfume and the blend of its notes often suggest if it's for men or women. Yet, fragrance knows no gender. Some scents might appeal more to the opposite sex, but really, it's all about what you love. Pick the perfume that makes you feel great.

What is the right way of applying perfume?

Apply a moisturiser or vaseline on the skin prior to wearing a perfume. Sprits the perfume on warm points of your body and give it a moment to soak in and settle.

Does the fragrance stain clothes?/Does the perfume stain white clothes?

No, MYOP perfumes do not stain your clothes when used the right way. Always stick to the instructions for applying perfumes. For instance, keep the bottle about 5 to 7 centimeters away when you spray. And if a perfume oil does happen to stain your clothes, a simple rinse with plain water should take care of it.

Are MYOP perfumes long-lasting?

Yes, MYOP perfumes are long-lasting as the perfume oils used in its production are sourced from the
finest factories across the world. Each perfume contains about 50 to 60% of perfume oil in it.

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