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MYOP | Perfume | 250ml Mist Bottle
MYOP | Perfume | 250ml Mist Bottle

Liquid Disco (Fragrance Mist)

A celebration of masculine energy and power in a sophisticated layering of black lavender, cinnamon & vanilla; as tempting as the forbidden fruit itself.
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The true spirit of the disco era, captured in a fragrance. With a dynamic blend of lavender, bergamot, and lemon at the top. As the night progresses, the heart of the fragrance, composed of cinnamon, caraway, and clary sage, sparks a captivating aroma. The smoky aroma of the black vanilla husk, the earthy patchouli and cedar blend together to create a hypnotic scent that lasts long after the music has stopped.

A scent that makes you imagine the pulsating beat of the music and the electric energy of the disco lights as you envelop yourself in its aroma. Whether you're dressing up for a night on the town or simply seeking a moment of escape, this perfume is the perfect partner for any occasion. Let Liquid Disco transport you to a world of glamour and excitement.

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