An Ode To Classic Indian Cities

A homage to the treasure trove of smells, spices, and character—India. A collection of original perfumes inspired by the distinctive characters and stories of classic Indian cities.
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Gone are the days of teddy bears and hallmark cards! A personalised perfume is the most unique and unforgettable gift you can buy! These beauties have bedazzled thousands of birthdays, anniversaries & special occasions.

PS: You can even get it hand engraved by our artist for a limited time!
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About Us

Making Our Own Path

Having roots in the coastal town of Calicut which was a hub of international trade and travel dating back to the 1800s, Calicut already had an ardent fan base for Ouds and Attars. Our noses had the privilege of knowing some great scents right from childhood which made us appreciate perfumes as a lifestyle essential.

Relentless research and market testing went into finding ingredients and ratios to find a mix that would perform well in the hot and humid climate—the 2 main threats to the lifespan of a scent. 4 years, 6 cities and 11 stores later, we have accomplished what was once thought unachievable—high-quality perfumes, at affordable prices.

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