MYOP customized perfumes are fragrances belonging to MYOP's collection that provides customers the option to select their desired concentration of perfume oil & bottle design. Click the link to view our customised perfumes collection
MYOP Personalised perfumes provide the customers with an option to get their names, dates, short messages, etc. printed or hand engraved on the Perfume bottle. Follow this link to get your perfumes personalised
MYOP Fusion result from two or more perfume oils combined to create a unique fragrance. This option is currently available only at MYOP retail stores.
MYOP Refill is a green initiative by MYOP aiming to reduce waste from used bottles. Customers can bring used MYOP perfume bottles to get a refill while making new in-store purchases and avail a discount of 20%.
Visit our website at From the 34 iconic perfumes available in our collection, choose your desired product. Then, select the required amount of oil concentration. Followed by choosing the needed quantity from provided options. Finally choose the preferred bottle and proceed to checkout.
Experimenting is key. Try exploring multiple scents belonging to different scent families and varied notes. Finding your signature fragrance is more like a journey.
Each MYOP product is followed by a detailed description of the prominent scent notes. By relating these notes to already familiar scents, customers can have a general understanding of the fragrance.
Yes, MYOP is indeed a reliable & safe platform for buying perfumes. We have integrated shopify 2.0 into our online E-commerce platform as well as valid security certifications, authentication layers and dependable payment options.
We are working on it. Until then, our existing payment options can be used for the purpose, as they are reliable and safe.
Storing them away from direct sunlight can help perfumes last longer. Similarly, if the perfume is applied the right way on the skin, it can help the scent to last longer as well.
Yes, We offer free returns or exchanges within 30 days of receiving your order. You can return your fragrance for store credit, a different fragrance, or a refund through the original payment method.
Yes. Generally, the type of notes and their concentration in a perfume determines whether it belongs to the men's or women's collection. It is natural that some of these notes can be similar or appeal more to the opposite sex. At the end of the day, perfume is a personal choice & you should wear what pleases you the most.
No, you can purchase MYOP products from our official website, or at any of our retail outlets.
No, personalised perfumes are only available in 100ml bottles for purchase. However, commercial orders with a Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) of 50 can purchase personalised perfumes in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles. For more enquiries contact - Mr. Shahil at (Mob: 9746236673)
Yes, MYOP perfumes are long-lasting as the perfume oils used in its production are sourced from the finest factories across the world. Each perfume contains about 50 to 60% of perfume oil in it.
We don't want to necessarily claim it, however, the fragrance lasts for almost six to eight hours on average. The longevity of perfumes depends on several factors such as lifestyle, skin type, fabric, climate etc. For instance, if you are exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period it can reduce the longevity of the scent compared to when seated in an air-conditioned space.
No, MYOP perfumes do not stain clothes if applied correctly. Always make sure you follow instructions on the right way to wear perfumes. For example, spray your perfume by holding the bottle at a distance of 5 to 7 inches away. Even if perfume oil stains a piece of garment, it can be cleaned easily with plain water.
MYOP is a Kerala-based brand launched in 2018 at Calicut Kerala.
Yes. MYOP is a brand authorised by Drugs and Cosmestics Department, Govt of Kerala.
Generally, it is advised to apply perfumes directly to the skin. Applying the perfume right after a shower is considered to provide the best results.
Yes, MYOP perfumes are delivered all over India. Customers need not pay delivery charges for any of the MYOP products except the 'Starter kit'
No, MYOP Fusion is currently unavailable on the MYOP website. However, we are working on it.
Yes, MYOP products are 100% cruelty-free. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals.
MYOP's perfume oils are manufactured at the finest fragrance houses in Europe.
Yes, most perfumes have a shelf life of 3 to 5 years though some may even last longer. Only some fragrant oils such as pure attars last without an expiration date.
For collaborations with our brand, contact our media team at or dial 7306500661
New job openings can be viewed on MYOP's career page. Follow this link for redirecting to the career page on the website
MYOP perfumes are EDP (Eau De Parfum) or pure perfumes. Parfum usually contains 40 to 60% of fragrance oil. Due to its high concentration of perfume oil, parfum tends to be more expensive and long-lasting than any other scent. A pure perfum can last about six to eight hours.
MYOP has its headquarters in the Calicut district of Kerala.
No, MYOP does not deliver products out of India.
Visit for details regarding MYOP product delivery & returns.
Pure perfum' or 'perfum' is considered to have the most longevity mainly due to its high concentration of fragrance oil. On average, its scent can last up to an entire day
A fragrance wardrobe consists of a collection of different kinds of perfumes. Having a fragrance wardrobe provides you with a wide variety of perfumes to choose from for each occasion.
Apply a moisturiser or vaseline on the skin prior to wearing a perfume. Sprits the perfume on warm points of your body and wait for it to settle.
It is better to not rub after applying perfume on your skin as it can fade and affect the longevity of your perfume.
Choosing a perfume based on the season/climate can be subjective. The key is to choose a scent that reflects the nature & mood of the season. For example, some fresh, floral, and citrus notes would work well for the spring season.
Yes, exposure to direct sunlight can affect the chemical composition of the perfume adversely and often reduce its shelf life. On the other hand, refrigerating perfumes can often increase their lifespan and provide the best result.
MYOP perfumes are a blend of fragrance oils, alcohol, water, and some other aromatic compounds.