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Whether you are getting ready for a party or heading out to your office, having your best perfume in hand to compliment your attire and purpose is a must these days. But being restricted by your budget to purchase a long-lasting fragrance can be a bummer. If you think window shopping can ease your whimpering heart, then we definitely have the best news for you.

We present you with an array of Perfumes we offer that can fit within your budget and yet smell extravagant. Get ready to stack your shelves!

Make It As Pleasure As a Sin with Venom

To be as viciously alluring as Venom is a speciality we proudly declare as our own. With notes that start with a tickly tanginess, slowly settle to sensual floral scents that get elevated to woody and musky scents making you smell like a million bucks.

Lively- Like Your Soul

This is the ultimate game-changer for those who have a thriving personality and look for a scent that compliments their vibrance. Instead of something expensive to make you feel lively, Inglorious does a great job of fusing your lively soul with a scent that exudes a bouquet of fresh scents from top to base notes.

Skip The Pill From Ibiza, Try This

Smell like a dream with Ibiza. Like the city that bursts with enthusiasm and adventure, the warm spicy notes settle with alluring earthy scents. The breathtaking freshness of Ibiza is sure to make you traverse a distant memory of beaches and coasts.

Subtle, Sweet and Seductive

Belonging to the floral category, this rich blend of lavender and agarwood(Oudh) gives a unique pleasure to experience sweet, seductive tones. 

Be The Centre of Attention

Inspired by the sensational city of India, Calcutta Candy is as desirable as it sounds. The scent is an all-rounder of tempting citrusy, fruity and floral scents. With such a blend, you sure can expect nothing less than an expensive fragrance.


Stop the Pinching, and Fill Your Shelves with the richest fragrances from MYOP!

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