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Just as your wardrobe changes with the transition into monsoon, so too should your perfume rotation. Warmer months lend themselves to lighter scents — think sweet, vibrant florals, crisp citrus, and powdery notes taking center stage. — but as the rains arrive, it's time to opt for a more intense perfume with depth and richness.

We've rounded up trendy MYOP perfume notes for the season. Look out for alluring amber, sexy vanilla, fresh bergamot, and more. 

AMBER Party: Where Elegance Meets Fun

Every shelf you turn to, another perfume putting amber in the spotlight is staring right back at you. This note has syrupy and honey-like qualities, but its inherent sweetness is muted by a rich, earthy muskiness that instantly soothes your senses.

As smart as you can, “Party Smart" is the best-selling perfume in Myop. This fragrance is nothing short of an oriental wonder with intoxicating notes of green apple and lime leading the way to the blend's sweet and spicy depth. Later, it transitions to the middle notes of pine, cardamom, and saffron. A black amber and patchouli base balanced the strong masculinity of this scent. As I said, the perfect companion for those who want to party hard and have the fun of their lives.

PATCHOULI -The rhythm of Earthy Elegance

Patchouli is like stepping into a magical forest at dusk. Its scent is a mix of earthy, sweet, and slightly spicy notes that make you think of damp earth and moss. There's a hint of smokiness and even a touch of dark chocolate. It's a rich, grounding aroma that feels exotic and comforting, perfect for anyone who loves a scent that connects them to nature.

"Love in Paris," a new addition to myop perfume lists, transports you to the city of love, where floral elegance and architectural wonders represent romance and passion. As an elegant proposal, the perfume begins with cardamom, bergamot, and berry, inducing floral enthusiasm. As you touch the heart, you'll notice a rhythm of rose, coffee, and tuberose, which highlights the scent. Finally, the base notes of cocoa, vanilla, and the ultimate star patchouli offer an additional punch to the sweet end.

Feel the freshness in every drop of BERGAMOT

Say goodbye to the ordinary - Bergamot adds a fresh, citrusy burst that energizes and uplifts. This vibrant note brings a sparkling brightness, blending sophistication with elegance. Perfectly balanced, bergamot makes any fragrance more dynamic and refreshing.

"California Sunshine" is a scent that captures the essence of a free soul. Before you realize it, you'll be fascinated by the notes of bergamot, lemon, and pepper, followed by the captivating mixes of white lilly, salt, and seaweed, which create a marine tone. After this lovely aroma, you may relax in a warm bath of cedar, amber, and musk. Feel the brightness of California sunlight, an homage to the state's free-spirited personality.

Sweet as BERRIES: A Scent Fit for Queens

It’s the time for a break from the brooding, moody, and mysterious. Perfume makers stepped into the briar patch to pluck some juicy berries from their most recent concoctions, as it’s a recurring note in cosmopolitan launches. The following recommendations are perfect for those who prefer sparkling, bright, and a bit of feminine fragrances.

“Roma Noire” an oriental perfume that is meant for the artistic soul in you. Now discover the vibrant top notes of blackcurrant, plum, and berry that capture the city's liveliness. The heart of the perfume features rose and honey, adding a sweet tanginess to the scent. At the end, experience a range of warm notes of agarwood, benzoin, and patchouli.

VANILLA Whispers: Nostalgia in Every Scent

Vanilla is the essence of warmth and comfort, wrapping you in a cosy, sweet embrace. Its rich, creamy scent is like freshly baked cookies, with hints of soft caramel and a touch of spice. Vanilla's inviting aroma brings a sense of relaxation and nostalgia, making it a beloved choice for those who crave a comforting and delightful fragrance.

“Purple Mystique” is a rich and mesmerising magical fragrance that has all the great qualities of the oriental perfume class. This perfume opens with a vibrancy of nectarine, orange and pineapple bringing along the freshness of a dewy morning in a lavender field with a burst of jasmine and rose breezing the air. As the fragrance develops, the woody notes of vanilla, amber and agarwood emerge, creating a mysterious aura. This will take you to feel the luxury and royale feel of oriental vibes.


It’s time to discover the perfect notes for a lasting, well-rounded scent from morning to night! So, stop worrying and Treat Yourself to the Luxury of MYOP's top picks!

Smell Good All Day!

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