How To Choose The Perfect Gift Perfume For Christmas

POV: You are 4 days away from Christmas and have absolutely no gifts yet to throw under that Christmas tree *Oops* Well, could you have done better? Of course yes, however you need not panic because here’s where a Christmas fragrance can come to your rescue! That’s right, a fragrance is not only the perfect Christmas gift but also a life-saver for lazy last-minute shoppers like some of us here.

What makes perfume the best gift for Christmas?

Uhmm, you mean a celebration surrounded by the fragrance of baked cookies, plum cakes, and wine where you sip hot chocolate with friends & family? Duh! the Christmas spirit is all about its scents. And that’s why you should hunt for scents that are related to Christmas rather than buying a random fragrance from the Christmas collection rack of your nearest supermarket. Choosing the perfect fragrance as a Christmas gift can be a challenging but rewarding task. So we are here to save the day with a few tips for you!

5 Christmassy ingredients/notes to look for in your gift perfumes:


Cinnamon in a perfume is like those ugly Christmas sweaters- they might not be for everyone, but they are much needed to fully embrace the Christmas feels. Its spicy warmth is something you’d love to surround yourself with on a dreamy winter night. 

Cinnamon has been a key ingredient in big festive feasts like grand Christmas dinners since medieval times, so yes, they’ve been around for a reaalllyy long time. From cinnamon sticks as decorations in your homes to a must-have in Christmas recipes, the scent of this versatile spice can be one of the most desirable notes in Christmas Fragrances! ( can find this note in MYOP Gold


Tonka beans


Tonka beans are without a doubt one of the most popular Christmas spices ever! Did you know that they are native to South America? We neither, but what we do know is that they have a mesmerising aroma that is sweet, warm and comforting. Tonka beans in perfumes are like those cool kids at school, they'll always thrive in the company of a bunch of others. You are most likely to spot Tonka Bean along with notes like vanilla, or almond in your favourite Christmas fragrances.

So, the point is, if you get a perfume with tonka bean as a Christmas gift, you are more likely gifting them the warmth and comfort that the holiday season is all about. If you know the right person to gift a Tonka bean fragrance, but not the right place to get one….try MYOP Urban Chic and thank us later!


If you have heard about the Christmas tradition of leaving fresh oranges in stockings as surprises, you’ll know why citrus fruits have a separate fan base during Christmas. Not just because they are available in the winter months, but mostly for the energy and excitement, their scent can bring to a cold winter night

As garlands above your door or toppings on your fruitcake, the fresh and vibrant scent of citrus is what makes you fall in love with it even more during festive times. Follow the scent of Citrus and you’ll find yourself with a perfect Christmas fragrance to gift, or you could just grab the MYOP Ibiza which has mandarin notes, and save your time.


Can a Christmas without chocolates even be considered a good Christmas? Um, probably yes, but Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the presence of this mouthwatering delicacy. It creates a wonderful smell that is particularly intoxicating when coupled with spicy and floral notes.  

Gifting a fragrance with the scent of chocolate will take anyone back to the good old days of Christmas. We see you drooling already thinking about the smell of melted chocolate, so obviously you agree with us. All we’ve got to say is that if you think Chocolate is one of the best notes to have in your Christmas gift perfume, the answer is- absolutely yes! How about a fragrant combo of white Chocolate & cupcake with MYOP Dilli Dreams for this Christmas?


We agree that Myrrh probably isn’t one of those things you’d find lying about in your house every Christmas. But there is a very good reason to consider it as a thoughtful component of your Christmas gift, especially if it's for someone who appreciates traditions and biblical history. 

Myrrh is actually a fragrant gum resin that has been believed to be one of the three gifts given to the Infant Jesus. Interesting right? So yes, Its intriguing, earthy smell can make itself the distinctive note in any fragrance. In case you were looking for a woody fragrance with Myrrh on your Christmas gift shopping list, the MYOP Bombay Black would be our recommendation.

Now you know that there are many different fragrances that make for great Christmas gifts. Whether you go with a classic scent like cinnamon or something with more modern and unique notes like chocolate, the important thing is to go with something that your loved ones will enjoy on Christmas and all year! 

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