How to Make Your Own Perfume ⎯ The Ultimate Guide

Yes, you heard it right! Gone are the days when shopping for a new perfume meant picking a random fragrance from the countertop. We now have perfume bars where you can make your own signature fragrance from a variety of fragrance oils. 

Once at the perfume bar, chances are that you might find yourself as excited as a kid in a candy store with so much around to choose from. And that can be a hassle! So, a quick skim through this guide would make the whole thing so easy that you could do it with your eyes closed! (Please don't try that.)

  • Like all firsts, your first perfume-making experience is also special, so it’s important that you explore as much as you can before you decide. What does it sound like to buy the first dress you see every time you step into a clothing store? It's just as silly to walk into a perfume shop and buy the first bottle you see.

  • Perfume bars are great because not only do they provide a wide selection to choose from, but also a chance for you to decide the concentration and quantity of fragrance to buy.  Some perfume bars even let you customize and personalize the perfume bottles (hope you don't mind us slipping in some self-promotion). 

  • You may try and test out things that make your scent truly unique, much like a scientist in a lab. Your signature scent, like your makeup, haircut, or dress, reflects your personality. So the scent you choose should scream "YOU"

  • If you’re planning to make perfume for a loved one, we’ll suggest two ways to do it. You can either make a perfume similar to the scents they usually wear or surprise them with something entirely new. In other words, just choose a scent that reminds you of them, something that you believe they would enjoy. And always remember, it's the thought that matters, not the price tag. 

  • If you’re making a perfume for a particular event, it would be a great idea to keep the occasion in mind while you choose the type or note of the fragrance. If you wear an extremely hot and spicy scent to work in the morning, chances are that you will end up making more enemies than friends that day. If you could make a fragrance that goes perfectly with the vibe of an upcoming event, that would be awesome! 

    And hey, it’s okay if you forget some of what we said. You're just getting ready to make perfume, not fight a war. And unlike the latter, nothing much could go wrong here. So just soak it all in and enjoy the experience; even if you mess up a little bit, you’ll still walk out of the store with a gorgeous smile and a beautiful fragrance that can brighten your days ahead.

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