5 Types Of Perfumes Everyone Must Own

If you’re planning to build a perfume collection for yourself, we’ll make the task easy for you. Here are five types of perfumes everyone must own (ahem, clearly no pressure).

When you hear "types of perfumes", you might be thinking about the images of different fragrances you probably saw in charts hung at your local perfume store. If so, STOP because that's the wrong track. Instead, we are actually talking about those legendary perfume "notes" that deserve a place in your wardrobe.

Perfume notes are the main scents or key ingredients of a perfume. They are usually divided into 3 categories: Top, middle & base....yup, we can already hear you yawning, so let’s save the definitions for later and since now you know what you signed up for, let's dive in.


If angels wore perfumes, we are pretty sure it would be floral because they are just... heavenly. Though people often associate floral scents with feminine energy, floral scents are incredibly versatile. Wearing a floral perfume doesn’t mean you will turn into a walking garden since most modern floral blends are subtle and carefully layered. 


When life gives you lemons……make perfumes out of them! Of course, we know that’s not how the saying goes, but you must create and own a unique, classy tangerine scent for those days when you need that extra zest. If you doubt it, then see for yourself our bestselling ‘Ibiza’ fragrance and you’ll agree with us.


 Walk in wearing a spicy fragrance for your date night and boom! Just like that, the job is half done. A hot perfume is the best partner-in-crime to spice things up on a romantic getaway, So, get your hands on one and thank us later.


Let’s get something straight, most of us can’t probably afford a beach vacation every other day, but who said we couldn’t ‘feel’ like we are on one, right? So don’t forget to add an aquatic fragrance to your collection for a fresh feel on beach trips as well as for other days when you are stuck in your office cubicle and crave a whiff of that salty beach air.


 A woody scent is always a good idea because it literally takes us back to the roots. A woody fragrance's earthy feel is undeniably soothing to the senses. If you are someone who tends to miss the warm woods while living in a city surrounded by gloomy buildings, believe it or not, this could be your holy grail.


We could go on for days, but that’s enough ranting for now, so grab your wallets & let’s go shopping!

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