Why personalised perfumes are the best gift for Parents’ Day

Every year, the fourth Sunday of July is celebrated as Parents’ Day. As you might already know, it falls on the 24th of July this year. It is a day for appreciating the most difficult yet equally fulfilling task called parenting. Parents’ Day is for your grandparents too! So don’t forget to include them while you shop for gifts.


What is a Personalised perfume?

A Personalized perfume is one where you can get your name either hand engraved or UV printed on the perfume bottle to make it more unique and personal.

Why are personalized perfumes the perfect gift?


Perfumes are meaningful and ideal for gifting because by spending just a little time & effort, you can find a scent that best describes the person you are gifting it to; in this case, your mom & dad.

When you gift your parents something personalised, it is more sentimental and intimate. It shows that you thought about them while buying that particular gift.


How to surprise your mom and dad this Parents' Day?

One day is not enough to thank our parents for all their selfless care & affection. But a small gesture can often go a long way!

Make your mom & dad feel extra-loved by gifting them a couple box from MYOP to celebrate Parents' Day.

Personalize everything, from fragrance oil and bottle design to even the name/message on the perfume.


Why does a gift matter?

A thoughtful gift can often speak louder than words & make your parents feel special while receiving them. It tells them that they are seen and their presence in your life is appreciated. When done right, even your small gift can renew and strengthen the bond shared between you & your parents. Moreover, every once in a while a sweet act of love from your kid would hurt no parent, Right?


So if you ever find yourself in a dilemma regarding the perfect gift for your loved ones this parents’ day, choose a personalized perfume without second thoughts!


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